tuuKtukk’- aka tuk-tuk aka rickshaw is a 3 wheeler motorized vehicle. While growing up in the suburbs of Mumbai (Bombay) tuk-tuk was an integral part of my life. Sailing through the crowded streets it ensured I did “finally” reach my destinations. With jazzy colors, lively music and the extra bass effect of Altaf Raja/Hawa Hawaii/Bapi Lahari songs every commute was a memorable fun ride. Even in the chaos it had its way of bringing a smile to my face. It is the happiness in chaos that stuck in my mind. As my cartoon blogs are also an effort to bring out the lighter side to any serious (technical or non-technical) situation I thought it was appropriate to name it to my experience – tuuKtukk (aka tuk tuk with an extra ‘U’ and ‘K’) .. + every other name related to rickshaw was already copyrighted tuktuk et. al.. Enjoy the fun ride and see the happiness syndrome take over you.

For any comments or suggestions or questions please send an email at contactus@tuuktukk.com.

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